Swisscom Digital Experience
SDX allows us to create digital experiences which look, feel and act uniquely like Swisscom. The living SDX toolkit contains everything an expert needs to know to create engaging and inspiring digital applications, using our shared visual, interaction and motion language.
Swisscom wide digital design project for the new digital experience for the company. I had the role of a project lead and design lead. With Olaf Geuer (Initiator and sponsor) and Pascal Frey (Project lead and designer).
Best of Swiss Web Bronze Award 2017
German Innovation Award 2018 Winner
German Brand Award 2018 Winner
The SDX Page contains three sections for the basics: principles, project examples and resources. Principles define the basic design concept and design mechanics.
Project examples give the designer hands on designs which can be downloaded as sketch files. The longer the project runs, the more examples will be published.
On the development pages every resource can be viewed visually and in code. Every code element can be used by projects for their work via a central GIT-hub.
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